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Elite-Fighters Weapons Courses

The Elite-FIghters System of Martial Arts now offers a full belt ranking curriculum for martial arts weapons.

The Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts, and most systems of kenpo karate have always had martial arts weapons training as part of the curriculum for those programs. However, the weapons have always been only part of the program, with the emphasis on the core material, such as forms, self defense, etc. We now have organized an approved belt curriculum from all levels of one's ability level. Our belt colors correspond to the established belt colors of kenpo karate: orange, purple, blue, green, brown and black.

The weapon systems utilized are:

  • Classical Chinese weapons of the staff, spear, sword (single and double), butterfly swords, and others. and
  • Modern and eclectic weapon systems of the Filipino Arts (stick, double stick, dagger, stick and dagger), and modern firearms usage and defense techniques.

The course curriculum is not only forms, or kata, but actual applications and use. We utilize a variety of training drills to enable you to develop the proper distancing, reaction-time, strategies and proper body-feel, all which are necessary in order to make these weapons more than just a form. You will be able to use these weapons as they were intended.

The Elite-Fighters weapons systems, similar to all of the Elite-Fighters Courses, is a stand-alone system. If it is your desire to solely study the weapon system, or if you would like to supplement your learning in our other training systems, the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts can tailor a program to suit your needs.

Training in these programs are currently offered at our AKLA Headquarters in Louisville, KY in private lessons, classes, seminars and conferences. Contact us to begin your training, and keep watching our announcements for training seminars, and conferences!

For those familiar with Home Study Courses, we are in the process of filming a full program to be made available for those who cannot attend the programs at our headquarters. We want the AKLA instructors to be able to have these programs available to teach in their regions. As this process will take some time before the programs are available, we do have some supplemental material available that can assist your learning.


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