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Instructor Candidate Manual

This manual teaches the basis for how to teach martial arts students, how to motivate students to learn, how to deal with trouble students, and more. A must for anyone who desires to teach quality lessons.

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Toughness Training

This is a motivational manual to make you tough mentally. It is one #1 biggest download (600 per month), and has been adapted by many law enforcement and military units. Quit whining, read this, and get your life in order!

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See of Knowledge

This article discusses the application and ethics of the teaching and learning of the martial arts.

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The Physics of Kenpo

Robert E. McNair - NASA Challenger AstronautThisThis is an article that appeared in Scientific American in April, 1979. The author is Robert E, McNair, a physicist and a NASA astronaut. Robert McNair was a 5th Degree Black Belt and conducted scientific research in the martial arts. Robert McNair was one of the astronauts who lost their lives in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. is American in April, 1979. The auenger disaster.

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Kenpo Physics Notes

This section will be where you can find the downloads for physics discussion that go with our Physics of the Martial Arts DVD Set. In this section we will give a technique decompostion each week, discussing the physics and power sources with true testing results,and not just passed on oppinion.
NOTE: The password to open these files is printed on the label of the Physics of the Martial Arts DVDs.