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Kenpo Physics Notes

In this section we will post new notes that extend from the study discussed in our Physics of the Martial Arts DVD Series.

NOTE: The password to open these files is printed on the labels of the DVD from the Physics of the Martial Arts Series. Be sure to register your copy, the password will be changed if it is leaked out to the general public.

At the conclusion with each study, a new posting will be listed from topics ranging from basic concepts of physics, with Martial Art applications, results from scientifically testing components of martial arts strike, blocks, etc., myth-busting, and a new section called Technique Decompostition. In the Kenpo Technique Decompostion sections,we will take an American Kenpo self-defense technique and break down the variables that comprise the main power component(s) so that you can have true, scientifically measured results from which to learn how to train more effectively. We ave found that there are some techniques being taught with improper physics over the past couple of decades. Be prepared to put on your thining cap - but also remember to take off your cloak of ego!

"Stay away from the Forbidden Zone - you may not like what you find there ..."

~ Dr. Zaius

The Physics of the Martial Arts - Notes
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Physics Notes #1

- discussed are basic concepts and terms of physics, leading up to the definition of what Focus really is.
- Technique Decompostion #1 - in this decomposition we show how to maximize the power of Delayed Sword utilizing electronic testing methods! The results reveal that you may be training for the wrong method ...