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Elite-Fighters Seminar Series - 2
The Lost Techniques of Kenpo Manual

The Lost Techniques of Kenpo Manual

The Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts is proud to announce the second in a series:

Seminar Series #2 - The Lost Technique of Kenpo CD-Rom Manual.

This 83 page CD-Rom manual contains:

  • History and Development of the Lost Techniques Manual - The history of how this manual developed is an interesting one. For those who know my other writings on Kenpo topics will know that I normally do not give much personal details or ‘name-drop’. However, the people involved with the background of this material are very notable. It is hopeful that practitioners of Kenpo from the 1960s and 1970s will experience nostalgia, and the new practitioners of our art become inspired from how we trained in the developmental days of Kenpo in America.
    [click for more historical information - Kenpo History]
  • Thirty Self-Defense Techniques - Thirty Self-Defense Techniques that were once taught in the Tracy's Kenpo and Parker's System of American Kenpo. These techniques were once part of the belt curriculum ranging from White Belt Introductory Material to Black Belt Self-Defense Techniques. The self-defense techniques contain defenses for grabs, punches, kicks, combination kick-punches, knife and club attacks with disarms, multiple opponent attacks, and even a defense against a garrotte attack. The descriptions of these techniques are concise with step-by-step instructions. These techniques make great classroom supplemental and study material!
  • Basics Comparative Nomenclature Chart - Included is a comparative nomenclature chart that bridges the terms used between the Tracy's and Parker's System of Kenpo. All basics described within this manual have listings within this chart for ease of use and understanding.

Bonus Material! - Three classroom drills have been included to assist you in understanding the master key concept. These drills are designed to increase your coordination, speed, accuracy and sensitivity training. Those who are familiar with the Family Groupings of Kenpo will find these drills indispensable in developing the proper form, speed and spontaneity necessary in several of the family related techniques that these drills were designed to enhance. Also included are historical and instructional notations to educate you on the technique applications, historical significance and practical uses.

Update: We have gotten a flood of emails on this new topic. So that you can further discuss these comparisons, we have created a new Forum. When you purchase this item, we will send you a personal email with a password to go into the forum. You may choose to register a user profile on the Forum in advance.

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Product Background and FAQs - Click Here for a complete history of this product.


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