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Elite-Fighters Seminar Series - 1
Tracy's vs. Parker's Kenpo Comparison

The Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts is proud to announce the first in a series:

Seminar Series #1 - Comparison of Parker's Versus Tracy's Kenpo Systems.

This two volume DVD set contains:

Volume One - In this volume we give a side by side demonstration all of the 154 base techniques of Ed Parker's Kenpo Karate with the most appropriate counterpart technique taught in the Tracy's System of Kenpo. This volume makes for a great review video.

Volume Two - In this volume we take a selection of techniques in each belt and give reasons why the techniques are taught the way they are in their respective systems.

Bonus Material! - As a bonus, we include a Parker/Tracy's Technique Titles Chart for your reference. Also, we include a selection of the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts techniques so that you can see where the future of kenpo is!

Update: We have gotten a flood of emails on this new topic. So that you can further discuss these comparisons, we have created a new Forum. When you purchase this item, we will send you a personal email with a password to go into the forum. You may choose to register a user profile on the Forum in advance.

  • There continues to remain a great deal of controversy of which system is the best. This seminar series sets it straight!
  • If you are new to kenpo and want to know which system is best suited for you, view this seminar series first, then choose from the links that we provide below.
  • If you are already an instructor, and wish to know more about why things are as they are, this DVD set will allow you to share knowledge with your students, and not just rumors and gossip.

Purchase this new two DVD Seminar Series - 1 at the introductory price of only:

USA Order only
(retails for $39.99)
(introductory offer expires12-31-04)

Free Shipping in the United States of America!
International Order
(retails for $39.99)
(introductory offer expires12-31-04)

($12.00 Shipping/Handling added for Intl. orders)





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