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American Kenpo Legacy Association

The Progressive Kicks of Kenpo

This new video contains all of the kicks of American Kenpo required by Kenpo International Martial Arts Association.

  • Learn all 148 kicks from Yellow Belt through 3rd Black Belt!

  • Easy to follow instructions!

  • This kicking progression is logically designed. Each belt level kicking requirements supports the future belt requirements, thus your body will be prepared to accomplish the advanced material as you progress through the belts.

  • Training and teaching tips included with each new category of kick. Specific examples are given for many of the kicks

  • Learn the Flying Dragon Kick, the Dragon Tail Sweep, the Rolling Hammer and many more!

Volume 1 - Yellow Belt through Green Belt
Volume 2 - The Brown Belts
Volume 3 - The Black Belts


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Progressive Kicks Of Kenpo


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