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The American Kenpo Legacy Association is proud to announce the return of the original:

Arnis de Mano
Complete Home Study

Levels One - Four

In 1996, I and my brother Eric Lamkin, started www.arnis.org to promote an original, authentic Home Study Course on Arnis de Mano. It was the 1st Complete Home Study Course available on the art of the Filipino Martial Arts. There were other systems offering instructional videos on the Filipino Martial Arts, but none that completely covered all of the material to include certification and advancement. Our goal was to promote resources that would assist the weapons training of Filipino martial artists and Kenpo Karate. A great demand for more kenpo resources was constantly being requested of us. In 2001, another Filipino Martial Arts organization began pirating our material, resulting in legal action. During this time we pulled the arnis de mano material form our website and focussed on producing the most comprehensive American Kenpo Home Study Course available - and succeeded! We also were successful in shutting down the illegal piracy of our materials. However, over years, we have been repeatedly requested to make available the Filipino Martial Arts material again. We were able to produced DVDs from our original master tapes and now make them available again for a limited time. We will closely monitor the interest in this material to determine when we complete levels 5 - 12. If interest is great enough, we will move production of these materials ahead of our other projects. Just let us know!

Level One - OVERVIEW

  • The Required Basics for Level One

  • The Twelve Angles of Attack

  • Footwork, stances and body maneuvers

  • 12 Combat Fighting Scenarios, including (disarms, evasions, combinations, and more!)

  • The meaning behind the salutations

Level Two - OVERVIEW

  • Expansions on the single stick system

  • Introduces the double stick system

  • The stick positions of double stick

  • Double stick striking angles

  • Introduces to sword and dagger system

  • Sword and dagger disarms

  • Introduces the empty hand system

  • Introduces trapping hands


Level Three - OVERVIEW

  • Expansions of the double stick system
  • Double stick Flow
  • Single Stick disarms
  • Continuations of the sword and dagger system
  • Sword and dagger disarms
  • Introduces locks
  • Continues trapping hands


Level Four - OVERVIEW

  • Expansions of the single stick system
  • Expansions of the double stick system
  • More disarms
  • Expansions of the Sword and dagger system
  • Introduces empty hand versus weapon
  • Numerous Interactive drills


Video Quality - remastering VHS quality videos from 1997 is difficult. Levels one and two were filmed with a studio VHS camera and are not sharp, but easily viewable, good sound quality and everything can easily be learned. Levels 3 and 4 were filmed with studio digital cameras. Levels 3 and 4 are sharp, good sound quality and easy to learn from. Overall, you will find the content of these disks to be very detailed, technical, and easy to follow.


Arnis De Mano - Complete Set
Volumes One - Four

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Arnis de Mano - Level One

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Arnis de Mano - Level Two

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Arnis de Mano - Level Three

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Arnis de Mano - Level Four

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the American Kenpo Legacy Association (AKLA).
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