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Elite Fighters Kickboxing

The Elite-FIghters System of Martial Arts now offers a full belt ranking curriculum for kickboxing.

For several years, we have had resources available for freestyle sparring. However, freestlye has always been regarding as a separate activity withing systems, such as kenpo karate. Now, you have the opportunity to train in a full belt ranking curriculum for all levels of kickboxing and freestyle sparring.

This program is designed with numerous interaction and reaction-time drills without the need of contact sparring. This is a safe program that will aid you whether your goals are for fitness, point fighting, MMA, or full contact kickboxing.

You will learn:

  • Full kickboxing belt curriculum (not just an exercise class!)
  • Proper kickboxing technique, principles and strategies
  • Applications to enhance any martial arts style
  • Fitness, power, endurance, flexibility and speed

Class times at our Louisville, KY headquarters includes group class training and individual personal training. Instructor certifications are availble for qualifying candidates.

Joe Lewis with Kevin Lamkin at Tracy's Kenpo Studio, Louisville, KY 1988


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