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We are excited to announce the many new programs available for training, and instructor certification, with the AKLA. Please spend some time and explore all of the content in our new site!

The AKLA - American Karate Legacy Association - has assisted many students and instructors in kenpo karate for several years. The AKLA provided many resources to assist in learning the 24 techniques per belt system. Now that we have returned to a full-time, fully equiped dojo, we have decided that the main thrust of our teaching kenpo karate will be the Tracy's System of Kenpo. As we have mentioned for several years, all students of the 24 techniques per belt system need to learn the Tracy's System of Kenpo to have a complete knowledge of kenpo. It has been our policy, that all personal students at the Louisville Headquarters, who have become ranked in the 24 techniques per belt system, must attain 1st degree black in the Tracy's System. As a result, we have always had very accomplished students.

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