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American Kenpo Legacy Association

Complete Home Study American Kenpo Courses


The American Kenpo Legacy Association has made available several Home Study Programs from which to study and obtain rank and certification. Our Home Study Programs allow you to obtain legitimate rank, recognized most Kenpo Associations. Nothing can replace studying directly under a competent instructor. However, this is the best Home Study Course available if you are unable to find a local Kenpo School. Our system is used by many School owners, association heads, students and instructors. Check below for the program that is right for you:

Complete American Kenpo Home Study Course - This course is the first complete American Kenpo Home Study Course that available on the the world. This course is designed to be simple enough for beginners to learn from, but intense enough for instructors to enhance their learning. This is the course that so many have attempted to duplicate. This course is used by students and instructors throughout the world. This program teaches all of the concepts, principles and theories utilized in all of the self defense techniques, forms and sets. There is a great deal of background and history included with the instruction of the self defense techniques. This course includes 27 video tapes covering all of the concept, principles, theories, basics in order to completely understand the self-defense material, forms and sets required for belt advancement. A 600 page manual is also included to act as a guide and workbook for the students. Students involved in this home study course get guidance, free rank testing and certification from the American Kenpo Legacy Association Headquarters.

Rapid Review Home Study Course - This program is designed for practitioners of American Kenpo who have previously studied, but may need assistance in 'jogging their memory.' This program does not teach the theory, only the movements of the Kenpo System. Used together with the Library of Kenpo Written manuals, an experienced martial artists can easily master the American Kenpo System. We have had several Kenpo black belts to used this method for belt promotion. This is also great for a 'follow-along' practice routine. This course contains video tapes and manuals describing the movements of all of the self-defense techniques, forms and sets from Yellow Belt through 3rd Degree Black Belt.

Library of Kenpo Written Manuals - These manuals - over 1800 pages - constitute the most authoritative written instructions ever written on American Kenpo Karate. Every technique, from yellow belt to 3rd degree black belt, is described in detail. These manuals cover all of the concepts, principles and theories utilized in each of the self defense techniques. A favorite for most American Kenpo Instructors - a must for all Kenpo libraries.

Advanced American Kenpo Black Belt Programs - The American Kenpo Legacy Association now has the advanced Black Belt Curriculum for belt promotions from 4th through 9th Degree Black Belt. At Last, you can now earn your Black Belt legitimately! Manuals and DVD's are available for each advanced belt level.

Instructor Series DVDs - These three DVDs cover all of the topics that all instructors need to know before teaching a Kenpo Class. Included in this series are the Methods of Group Class and Private Lessons Instruction, Classroom Drills, The Master Key Drills of Kenpo, and much more! The Master Key Drills of Kenpo is the most sought after topic from our Seminar Series!



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