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American Kenpo Legacy Association


The American Kenpo Legacy Association is dedicated to the preservation of the American Kenpo Karate the Ed Parker had taught prior to his death. The minimal requirements for belt ranking promotions was listed in Ed Parker's Infinite Insights Into Kenpo Series, Vol. 5. In addition, Ed Parker had published the IKKA Accumulative Journal and his IKKA newletter, of which Ed had us to submit several articles with regards to the physics of Kenpo. Some call our approach to the preservation of kenpo as "preservationists." To some extent this is true. We understand the process that Ed Parker had designed in teaching and transmitting the concept, principles and theories of American Kenpo. That is why, therefore, we teach all students the Ideal Phase of each self-defense technique in the same manner that Ed Parker had designed. After the student has learned all that the Ideal Phase technique contains, we then teach the student how to apply the concept of the "Formulation Equation" to tailor the Kenpo Techniques for maximum effectiveness based on their own natural abilities and difficiencies. Ed Parker stated that the student must always learn to tailor, the instructor must always teach a from a solid foundation. Ed also stated, "The student is one who understand how, the instructor understands why."

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