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Elite-Fighters Grappling

The Elite-FIghters System of Martial Arts now offers a full belt ranking curriculum for grappling.

Over the past few years, we have observed several kenpo schools trying to add back into the art, the grappling system that originally had been part of kenpo karate. Many have done so by adding a few takedowns and holds to their curriculum or even completely altering the kenpo techniques to add a few ground/grappling tactics. The Elite-Fightes Grappling System is a complete system from the beginner level to expert.

This program is designed with numerous interaction drills, counters, reversals while maintaining the integrity of combat effectiveness. This is a safe program that will aid you whether your goals are for fitness, self-defense or MMA competition.

You will learn:

  • Full grappling belt curriculum
  • Proper methods to approach grappling, clenching, takedowns, follow-throughs and final submissions/destruction strategies
  • Applications to enhance any martial arts style
  • Fitness, power, endurance, flexibility and speed

Class times at our Louisville, KY headquarters includes group class training and individual personal training. Instructor certifications are availble for qualifying candidates.

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