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AKLA and Kenpo FAQs:

1. How does the new layout of the AKLA affect instructors and students that have been teaching the AKLA 24 techniques per belt curriculum?

Students and instructors who have enrolled in the AKLA Home Study Course, prior to July 31, 2014, will continue full support of the AKLA belt advancement process as before. Nothing has changed for enrolled AKLA participants. We determined that we were at a point where we could either offer online instruction only, or be able to give hands-on instruction, seminars, conferences, and camps at our Louisville, KY headquarters. So, by discontinuing the enrollment of new students in the Home Study Course program, we will be able to give full focus on students and instructors at our training facility, and to the currently enrolled AKLA Home Study Course students.

2. Your website says that you are teaching the Tracy's Kenpo system at your Headquarters. Do you not teach the AKLA curriculum anymore?

Read FAQ#1. We are still supporting those who are currently enrolled in the AKLA Home Study Course. Having been in the Tracy's System for 40 years now (since 1974), and the American Kenpo system for 28 years (since 1986), I can personally tell you the advantages of each system. I feel very strongly that the Tracy's system is the best well-rounded, most complete system of kenpo. That is the system that I teach my personal students. My conviction is so strong that I have discontinued offering the Home Study Course. If you are interested in learning the Tracy's System of Kenpo, please contact the Tracy's Kenpo Headquarters at: 859-271-5987 or at www.tracykenpokarate.com

3. How can students currently enrolled in the AKLA Home Study Course advance in rank?

Same as before. Nothing has changed for currently enrolled participants.

4. How can I become certified to teach all of the division of the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts?

You must become a student in each of the programs. Currently, we do not have home study programs for kick boxing, grappling, weapons, etc. However, we do have supplemental material that will assist you, so that when you come to the Louisville, KY headquarters for training, or obtain training in seminars, you will be better enabled to attain rank.

5. Do you honor belt rankings previously obtained? For example, I am a 2nd degree black belt in the AKLA kenpo system. Will I be a 2nd degree black belt in the kickboxing or wrestling system?

We do recognize belt rankings obtained in the various categories, but not across the categories. For example, if you have obtained a black belt from the Joe Lewis Association, we definitely recognize that belt in the AKLA kickboxing belt ranking. However, to wear a belt in grappling, kickboxing, etc., you must learn and test the material. We do honor all belts legally earned throughout the martial arts communities. However, we require proper training, and testing to advance in ranking. Basically, an AKLA black belt will have to test for belt level in the other categories if you wish to become an Elite-Fighters Black Belt.


Kickboxing System FAQs:

1, How does the new kickboxing belt curriculum work?

We are excited to have a full belt curriculum for kickboxing. In previous years, and what you typically see in most schools, kickboxing/sparring is an activity usually taught for point tournaments. The only legitimate kickboxing Black Belt (in my opinion) is from the Joe Lewis Fighting System. So, the question is, how can you properly train, from the ground up, to earn a Joe Lewis Black Belt? We have developed a curriculum that will allow you to obtain belt ranking up to Black Belt. If you follow our course, you will be enabled to attend a Joe Lewis Fighting Systems conference and test for Black Belt successfully. The under belt certifications are granted through the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts. Once obtaining a Black Belt through our system, you can then test for Black Belt through the Joe Lewis system according to the JLFS criteria. You will be well prepared with us!

2. Do you have to participate in contact sparring in this system?

No. Our system is broken up into three groups. The colored belts (orange through green) is the foundation that teaching the majority of the tactics, principles and strategies utilized in kickboxing. This system utilizes a lot of training equipment to enhance your speed, balance, power, reaction time and counter strategies. The colored belt level will enable you to become very physically, and mentally fit for any martial art style. It will also enable to you to become successful in point tournament competition. You should never fear any injury in the colored belt system. The brown belt category is reserved for those who would like to advance toward black belt. The Joe Lewis Black Belt requires a test that involves full contact sparring (with full body and head protection). Each of the three brown belts gets you prepared one how to deliver, receive and nullify full contact strikes. If you train properly, as we prescribe, then you will not have to worry about any injury. Kickboxing is fun, and can be very rewarding. We are confident that as you train through the colored belt curriculum, you will lose any fear that may have regarding the upper belt curriculum. Try it out, and get in shape.

3. Does your kickboxing system work with kenpo karate?

Yes! In fact, your kenpo self-defense abilities will be greatly enhanced with this program. Here's a question for you - Let's say you attacked in a street fight. You successfully escape from your opponent's grab, or strike. But, either you didn't get the chance to finish your technique, or your attacker was able to withstand your blows. What now? Do you extend your hand so that he will grab it, so that you can try another self-defense technique? Of course not! But, without the fighting strategies and training that you get in our kickboxing course, you may be at a great disadvantage. You will find, that if you become very proficient in your kenpo techniques, you will be able to apply them in a freestyle sparring scenario. This system really works!

Grappling System FAQs:

1. How does the new Grappling Belt Curriculum work?

We are excited to add the grappling system belt curriculum to the the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts. Many grappling systems just spend time rolling on the ground for submissions. It is our philosophy that all of the systems that we teach must be applicable to street encounters. We know that multiple attackers are involved in most street encounters. Therefore, our system teaches you how to take an opponent down to finish a fight, and how to recover quickly if you are taken to the ground. We have a seven second rule. All grappling encounters should be resolved in seven seconds or less. If you are interested in MMA competition, then you need this training. With this system, you will gain great confidence in your self-defense abilities. And, if you are interested in MMA competition, then with the grappling system and the kickboxing system, you will be very well prepared.

2. Do I need prior grappling experience?

No. This system takes you from novice to expert with a logical progression towards understanding each phase of training. 

3. Do I need prior grappling experience?

No. but is highly recommended.  Without a partner, basic mechanics of the motion can be understood, but concepts such as timing, coordination, and practical application cannot be explored.  You will need a partner when testing for belt ranking promotions. Additionally, training becomes more beneficial when you have another person or group to work with. 

4. Can I get injured in the grappling program?

Training in any martial arts system can result in injury (even Tai Chi). Our system clearly instructs you in the methods how to apply all of the locks, holds throws, etc. We closely monitor all activities of our participants. By being a good steward of you training practices, and utilizing constant feedback with your partner, then you will be able to train safely. We teach you how to fall safely, and to know when to 'tap out' to avoid injury.

Weapon System FAQs:

1. What comprises the Elite-Fighters Weapons Curriculum?

The Elite-Fighters Weapons System is comprises both classical and modern martial arts weaponry. We maintain the traditions of the classical Chinese weapons taught in the Tracy's Kenpo system, and add the Filipino weapons system that has been available in the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts for several years. The Filipino weapons include, single stick, double stick, stick and dagger, and double dagger.

2. Does this system include training methods that work in the stick fighting tournaments?

One of the most important developments that has occurred in the martial arts community in the past few years is the addition of weapons fighting tournaments. Our system will definitely prepare you for competition in these tournaments.

3. Can I study only the weapon system apart from the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts?

Partially - the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts Weapons System requires that you must attain the rank of 3rd Degree Brown Belt. It normally takes a year or two of empty hand training in the martial arts before you can mentally and physically be able to train responsibly and safely. Prior martial arts experience does not apply. We will require the standards to be observed in the Elite-Fighters system to be fully observed.

Elite-Fighters Black Belt FAQs:

1. What an Elite-Fighters Black Belt?

We are proud to offer the Elite-Fighters Black Belt program. The standards of the Elite-Fighters Black Belt are not your typical Black Belt awarded in most martial arts schools. To earn this rank means that you have truly achieved an elite status. The minimum standards start with attaining the rank of Black Belt in three of the categories of the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts. A black belt in the Elite-FIghters Kenpo, Kickboxing and Grappling categories is mandatory for the Elite-Fighters 1st Degree Black Belt. Higher levels of Elite-Fighters Black Belt degrees can include the weapons systems.

2. I really don't want to participate in the kickboxing or grappling programs. Can I still obtain the Elite-Fighters Black Belt?

No, black belt ranking in those categories are mandatory for the Elite-Fighters Black Belt. "You can't claim the prize if you don't play the game." The Elite-Fighters Black Belt is one to strive for, and truly sets one apart from the rest of the martial arts community.