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Elite-Fighters Black Belt Program

What is an Elite-Fighters Black Belt? The Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts has developed programs over the years with the mission to develop martial artists at the highest levels. The Elite-Fighters Black Belt is a honor reserved for those who have proven that they have the drive, spirit and capability to stand above the rest.

To become a candidate as an Elite-Fighter Black Belt, you have to attain ranking to 1st Degree Black Belt, or higher, in three or more of the belt ranking programs offered by the Elite-FIghters System of Martial Arts. Two of the belt ranking courses are mandatory, and the other two are optional. The mandatory Black Belt rankings to become eligible for the Elite-Fighters Black Belt are Kenpo and Kickboxing. The Kenpo requirement includes the original AKLA Kenpo (24 techniques per belt), Tracy's Kenpo and Christian Kenpo (taught only at the AKLA Headquarters by Sam Conver). The optional belt ranking programs to choose from are the grappling and weapons courses.

Minimum Requirements for the Elite Fighters Black Belt:

  • Attain the rank of 1st degree Black Belt in Kenpo from:
    • Tracy's System of Kenpo, or
    • AKLA Legacy Kenpo (24 techniques per belt), or
    • Christian Kenpo Karate (excellent course by Sam Conver)
  • Attain the rank of 1st degree Black Belt in Kenpo from:
    • The Elite-Fighters Kickboxing Course , and
  • Attain the rank of 1st degree Black Belt in:
    • The Elite-Fighters Grappling Course, or
    • The Elite-Fighters Weapons Course
  • Be a person of good report, dedicated to maintaining ones skills, fitness and willing to assist all others striving to train in the program offered by the AKLA
  • Dedicated to the promotion of the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts and the American Karate Legacy Association


Once a candidate has attained the minimum belt rankings, the Elite-Fighters Black Belt Program selection committee will make their selection and present the new candidate the honor of becoming one of the Elite at one of our annual conferences. Only inductees of the Elite-Fighters Black Belt Program will have the honor to wear the Elite-FIghters emblem on their uniform or other apparel.