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American Kenpo Legacy
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Article Title
File Size
These sheets lists the minimum requirements for belt promotion in American Kenpo Karate as outlined by Ed Parker in his Infinite Insights Into Kenpo Books, Vol. 5. Instructors who have altered this method are not teaching the system as outlined by Ed Parker.
157 KB
This Manual is included with our Masters of Kenpo Video Series that teaches how to identify and understand the Family Related Moves, Technique Relations and the Mastery Key Moves of American Kenpo Karate.
187 KB
This manual teaches the basis for how to teach martial arts students, how to motivate students to learn, how to deal with trouble students, and more. A must for anyone who desires to teach quality lessons.
219 KB
This is a motivational manual to make you tough mentally. It is one #1 biggest download (600 per month), and has been adapted by many law enforcement and military units. Quit whining, read this, and get your life in order!
303 KB
This articles presents a list of qualities that must be obtained prior to promotion to the various ranks of kenpo.
19 KB
This article is about Ed Parker's view of how his organization was trying to change during his lifetime. Since his death, his fear of a fragmented kenpo community has become a reality.
12 KB
This article discusses the application and ethics of the teaching and learning of the martial arts.
12 KB
This article discusses the legal issues that must be aware of for self defense.
7 KB
This is the Official Belt Ranking Ceremony used by Ed Parker in the IKKA in the late 1980s. The download requires a password that is for ALKA Regional Representatives and AKLA Certified Instructors only.
Robert E. McNair - NASA Challenger AstronautThis is an article that appeared in Scientific American in April, 1979. The author is Robert E, McNair, a physicist and a NASA astronaut. Robert McNair was a 5th Degree Black Belt and conducted scientific research in the martial arts. Robert McNair was one of the astronauts who lost their lives in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.
5.72 MB
This section will be where you can find the downloads for physics discussion that go with our Physics of the Martial Arts DVD set. In this section we will give a technique decompostion each week, discussing the physics and power sources with true testing results,and not just passed on oppinion.
NOTE: The password to open these files is printed on the label of the Physics of the Martial Arts DVDs.
Sample Techniques
This is a sample technique from our Rapid Review Techniques Video Series.
15 KB
This is a sample technique from our Rapid Review Techniques Video Series.
15 KB
These are drills from our Lost Techniques of Kenpo Manual.
1.2 MB
These are gun and knife isolation from Form Six,
from the Rapid Review Manual.
1.2 MB
American Kenpo Karambit Guide - Selections

This is a sample from the Autoritative Guide to the American Kenpo Karambit. This first section shows the 12 Basic Cutting Angles with the Kenpo Karambit, Special Considerations, and the Karambit Set #1 (required for 4th Degree Black Belt).

Karambit Set#1 is shown in this example from an ankle hoster draw. It should be practiced drawing theweapon from many other locations as indicated on the DVD.

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American Kenpo Karambit
Training Package

840 KB

This is a sample from the Autoritative Guide to the American Kenpo Karambit. This third section shows how American Kenpo Karate can be modified to adapt the Kenpo Karambit as a weapon. Also shown is two of the Combat Scenarios from the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts exotic weapons study.

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American Kenpo Karambit
Training Package

1.49 MB
Legacy IKKA Newsletters

The attached self-extracting ZIP files are from IKKA newsletter in which I was regular columnist. As you will read, Ed Parker had requested of me to prepare a thesis regarding Kenpo Physics and to assist in making physics more understandable to Kenpo practitioners. The process in the early 90s was that I would submit a final draft to the editors of the IKKA and they would transcribe it for their formatting. There are some unit errors that had developed in this process. This is a beginning of what is a nearly completed Kenpo Physics Instructional Manual that should be available in the near future.

This newsletter does not have Kenpo Physics, but it does list the upper ranking IKKA Black Belts that stayed loyal to the IKKA after Ed Parker's death. You will find my name alongside of Jeff Speakman's listed as a 4th Degree Black Belt
321 KB
This Kenpo Physics article discusses Body Momentum and Back-up Mass.
408 KB
This Kenpo Physics article discusses the Kinetic Energy of Kenpo Strikes.
370 KB
This Kenpo Physics article discusses the concepts of Force, Work and Power.
278 KB


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