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American Kenpo Legacy Association

Regional Representatives



Regional Representative - Nebraska
John Noonan - 2nd Degree Black Belt


Contact Information

Martial Arts Background:

  • Okinawan Kempo
  • Tae Kwon Do - shodan
  • American Kenpo Karate
  • Arnis de Mano
  • Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts

John's Favorite Resources:

" I began training in 1990 by studying Tae Kwon Do, which I eventually earned my Black Belt in 1995. Also during 1994 - 1995 I studied Okinawian Kenpo. While stationed in Korea, I started studying American Kenpo. Recently I began studying with the Lamkin Brothers and it has been a very great experience. Recently I have also began studying Arnis with them, which has added another dimension to my fighting. I have also started on the Elite Fighters material, which I look forward to incorporating into my arsenal."


"I highly recommend John as an instructor. He maintains an intense schedule of training - always learning and seeking a deeper understanding of Kenpo. He has shown a deep desire to lead and teach American Kenpo. It is these, among other reasons that I have selected John Noonan as a Regional Representative of the American Kenpo Legacy Association."

- Kevin Lamkin




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