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American Kenpo Legacy Association

Regional Representatives


Regional Representative - Oklahoma
Robert Luellen - 2nd Degree Black Belt



Robert Luellen


Contact Information

Martial Arts Background:

Mr. Luellen holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt with Master Kevin Lamkin under the American Kenpo Legacy Association.  He has been involved in the martial arts since 1991, and has studied with four Kenpo Hall of Fame instructors:  
Roger Greene, Larry Tatum, Robert Attebury, and Kevin Lamkin.
He is an avid student of the philosophy's Zen.  
( Click read more on Mr. Luellen's journey to bring Parker Kenpo to Oklahoma)

"It is my mission to introduce, promote, and teach the 24 technique system to Oklahoma in a moral, ethical, and professional manner in the spirit of traditional Kenpo and Grand Master Parker's positive values."
                                    - Robert Luellen


"I highly recommend Robert Luellen as an instructor. I have personally watched his growth in American Kenpo through each rank. Robert displays the energy, technique and enthusiam necessary to keep American Kenpo alive. "

- Kevin Lamkin





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