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American Kenpo Legacy Association

Regional Representatives

AKLA Regional Representatives
(more details and bios will be posted very soon)
Contact Information
Ryan Naylor
USA - Kentucky (Northern)
Kevin Nicholson
USA - Virginia (Central)
Robert Luellen

USA - Oklahoma
USA - Arkansas

Lynn Hahn USA - Washington
Greg Daniels USA - Ohio
Donna Elicker USA - Pennsylvania
Kris Nichols USA - Mississippi
John Noonan USA -Nebraska
Dr. John Landry
(Kenpo and Arnis de Mano)

USA - Florida
Lance Cross Canada - Ontario
Kenny Roy Canada - Nova Scotia
Karl Ledergerber Europe - Switzerland
Conastantinos Kantaros Europe - Greece
Denis Bennett Europe - Ireland
Alessio Cortani Europe - Italy


The mission of the ALKA is to maintain a standard base from which to teach Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate. In a discussions that I had with Ed Parker, he made it clear that I understood that "Kenpo Never Changes, It Perpetually Refines Itself." He concluded our discussion by announcing that he will begin his video tape system in 1988 and that franchise rights will be offered to teach his system to those who became sponsors for his video tape series. It was very expensive but with it he gave credits at the end of the videos to those who sponsored him. You will find the names of Kevin Lamkin, Eric Lamkin and five others listed in the credits of his only two completed tapes, Advanced Concepts and Principles of Kenpo. He also sent other tapes of his complete system, "performed exactly as they should be taught." In addition, Ed Parker outlined his system to be taught with 24 techniques per belt as listed in Ed Parker's Infinite Insight Into Kenpo Series, Vol. 5. Kenpo is a fluid, evolving art. To understand more about what Ed Parker meant when he stated, "Kenpo Never Changes, It Perpetually Refines Itself," click here.

The AKLA encourages individual growth and tailoring of the system of kenpo to each individual - that is how Ed Parker designed his system. He did not, however, envision the fragmentation and devolution of his IKKA representatives. Individual preferences and internal politics has created a situation where the base from which to teach Ed Parker's American Kenpo System is endangered to becoming forgotten, or irreversibly altered. It is our opinion that the development and tailoring of the American Kenpo principles is imperative for growth and 'refinement' on an individual level, but not as a way to 'improve' the way the kenpo system is to be taught from the 'base' that Ed Parker designed. For example, Eric and Kevin Lamkin has developed over a period of years, the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts. The Elite-Fighters system contains material from other arts besides kenpo, and has emerged into a unique martial art system of its own. The defensive aspect of the Elite-Fighters System relies heavily upon Kenpo, however, it is differs greatly from what Ed Parker has designed with regards to the joint locks and ground fighting that is incorporated into it. Rather than calling it Kenpo, we call it the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts. The concepts are advanced and balanced with regard to all of the Family Related Techniques. In 2004, the AKLA adopted the six levels of the Elite-Fighters system to be the material for advancement for 4th through 9th Degree Black Belts

In an effort to preserve the American Kenpo System developed by Ed Parker, the AKLA has appointed the above individuals to be the Regional Representatives of the AKLA. Requirements to become a Regional Representative are to have one or more of the following:

  • Be a 3rd Degree Black Belt from a recognized American Kenpo School.
  • Be an instructor of American Kenpo Karate teaching the 24 techniques per belt system as designed by Ed Parker.
  • Be recommended as a Representative of the AKLA by a current AKLA Representative or one of the AKLA Founders.
  • Be a person of high moral standards, possessing maturity with a desire to help other instructors and students of American Kenpo.
  • Be self-motivated, self-directed and devoted in the study of American Kenpo.

General duties of an AKLA Representative include:

  • Assist schools, instructors and students within your region with the proper teaching elements, concepts, principles and other elements of the art of American Kenpo Karate.
  • Authorize belt ranking certification with affiliated schools within your region.
  • Proctor belt promotional exams within your region.
  • Instruct and/or assist hosted AKLA seminars held in your region.
  • More specific duties are listed in the ALKA Representative Forum.

AKLA Representative Benefits include:

  • Referrals from the AKLA for you to instruct seminars in your area of expertise.
  • Student/school referrals from the ALKA.
  • Listing of all promotions for your students
  • Free advertising of seminar/events at your school
  • Wholesale discount in all AKLA Instructional Materials.
  • Official AKLA email account
  • More specific duties are listed in the ALKA Representative Forum.

Cost to become an AKLA Representative:

  • There is no charge to be an AKLA Representative - only benefits!


If you are interested in becoming a AKLA Regional Representative, email us your request.


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