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American Kenpo Legacy Association

Ranking and School Directory Procedures


The American Kenpo Legacy Association is dedicated to the preservation of the American Kenpo Karate System that Ed Parker developed and endorsed to be taught by all instructors of American Kenpo Karate. The requirements for rank advancement is published in Ed Parker's Five Volume Series Infinite Insight Into Kenpo, the Library of Kenpo Volume One, and in the Belt Requirement Sheets. We have received numerous requests about where to go study this system of Kenpo, where other practitioners can be reached for support groups, and where and how to receive rank advancement. As this web site is one of the heaviest trafficked Kenpo web site on the internet, we feel it our honor and duty to provide you with this service.

Click Here to find the location of each practitioner registered with the American Kenpo Legacy Association by country, state/province, city and school. It will also have e-mail links for those who wish to have correspondence and links to home pages and commercial web sites for those who have them.

To get placement on the list you need:

  1. Membership with the American Kenpo Legacy Associationl for free posting. Membership is free with any purchase from our Catalogue, or $15.00 (one-time fee) for those who do not wish to purchase any items.

  2. The information listed at the bottom of the page must be e-mailed to us.

  3. Documentation of your current rank if you wish to have your rank posted on the directory.

  4. If you are a studio owner or instructor who wishes to add their students to this list, we will do so for $5.00 per student.

  5. Home Page links will be provided free of charge for registered entries. However, any site with unprofessional, lewd or obscene content will not be linked.

  6. Commercial Web sites will be posted for a fee of $25.00 per year. Again, any site with unprofessional, lewd or obscene content will not be accepted for linkage.

E-mail the information below:

NAME __________________________

ADDRESS _______________________

CITY ____________________________

STATE/PROVINCE ________________

COUNTRY _______________________

CURRENT RANK _________________

INSTRUCTOR (or video series) ______

E-MAIL address ___________________

WEB SITE ADDRESS _______________

Members of American Kenpo Legacy Association Test Free of charge. Non-members add $25.00 (U.S. Dollars)
Certificates are $5.00 each
Send all documentation and payments to:

Make your Check or Money-Order payable to
Kevin Lamkin


Kevin Lamkin.
P.O. BOX 5516
LOUISVILLE, KY 40255-0517

E-MAIL your Registry to





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the American Kenpo Legacy Association (AKLA).
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