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American Kenpo Legacy Association
Belt Ranking Certification - Rules and Information


The American Kenpo Legacy Association (AKLA) has made it possible to obtain Internationally recognized belt ranking in the following three ways:

  • Testing directly under one of the AKLA Regional Representatives
  • Testing directly under a Certified AKLA Kenpo Instructor
  • Testing via video test, when circumstances prevents you from testing with an AKLA representative or AKLA kenpo instructor. These circumstances include: personnel deployed in the military, travel and financial difficulties, and other special circumstances.

This website will post all successful Ranking Promotions on the AKLA Ranking Directory.

The American Kenpo Legacy Association
Schools and Instructors Resources Chart
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AKLA Regional Representatives
Information about the AKLA Regional Representatives.
AKLA Sanctioned School Locations Locations of all AKLA Sanctioned Schools.
AKLA Certified Instructors A listing of all AKLA certified kenpo instructors.
AKLA - Video Testing Procedures A detailed procedural protocol to test for belt ranking via video testing.
AKLA Membership Information AKLA membership information for individual, school, instructor and regional representatives.



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