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American Kenpo Legacy Association

AKLA Certified Instructors

The following are AKLA Certified Instructors teaching Ed Parker's American Kenpo Karate - 24 techniques per belt curriculum.


AKLA Certified Instructors
(details and bios will be posted very soon)
Contact Information
Ryan Naylor
USA -Northern Kentucky
Sam Conver USA - Central Kentucky
David Sorensen USA - California
Kevin Nicholson
USA - Virginia
Hannah Sorota USA - Kentucky  
Lynn Hahn USA - Washington
Robert Luellen USA - Oklahoma
USA - Arkansas
Jon Tevis  USA - Alabama
Stewart Polston USA -Ohio
Greg Daniels USA -Ohio
Charles Kennedy USA - Ohio
Chris Jackson USA - Pennsyvania
Alan Little USA - Michigan
Dr. John Landry
(Kenpo and Arnis de Mano)
USA - Florida
Burt Lyon USA - California-LA
Richard Connant USA - California-LA  
Donna Elicker USA - Pennsyvania
David Morgan USA - West Virginia
James Slack USA - Virginia
Cory Evans Canada
Conastantinos Kantaros Europe - Greece
Denis Bennett Europe - Ireland
Daniel Bernard Europe - France
Karl Ledergerber Europe - Switzerland
Alessio Cortani Europe - Italy



How to become a Certified AKLA Instructor

To become a Certified AKLA instructor you must have one or more of the following:

Cost to become an AKLA Certified Instructor:

  • Only $25.00 for lifetime membership.

Membership includes:

  • AKLA Certified Instructor Certificate
  • AKLA certification for your student's rank promotions (students must be AKLA members)
  • Listing of all promotions for your students
  • Student referrals
  • Links to your school/location on our website


If you are interested in becoming an AKLA Certified Instructor, email us your request.


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