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Welcome to the new American Karate Legacy Association website!

A lot of new exciting developments have happened to roll out our new site.

First - we have opened a full-time, fully-equipped dojo at our AKLA Headquarters in Louisville, KY. At this location, we are now able to offer personal instruction, training classes, seminars, camps and conferences, teaching the full curriculum of the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts. You can obtain belt ranking in the categories of Kenpo Karate, Kickboxing, Grappling, Weapons Systems, and to pursue the highest level of the Elite-Fighters Black Belt.

Next, we have expanded areas where our certified instructors train and instruct. In the past, AKLA instructors were restricted to teaching only kenpo karate. Now, instructors can be certified to teach and promote a separate curriculum in kenpo, grappling, kickboxing and weapons! This will be a very positive addition to your schools, too. If you are interested in instructing in these areas, contact us for more details.

Just like our other website, this one is huge, too. There is a lot of content for you to study at this site. So spend some time and check out all of the links on our new site!

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updated 8-12-15


Update 8-12-15

Congratulations to the following for successfully testing for the Elite-Fighters Kickboxing Division:

Steve Hagan - 3rd Brown Belt
Sam Conver - Purple Belt
Brian Byrd - Purple Belt
William L. - Purple Belt
Samantha L. - Purple Belt
Mike Hawkins - Orange Belt
Ben Conver - Orange Belt
Phillip Dennison - Orange Belt


Congratulations to the following promotions to the AKLA Kenpo Belts:

       Ben Conver - Blue Belt

Congratulations to Costas Constantinos' school in Greece on their fine promotions:

       Vasileios Xerotagaros - 2nd Brown Belt

       Panagiotis Togaridis - 2nd Brown Belt

       Dimitra Defteraiou - 3rd Brown Belt

       Alexandros Limneos - 3rd Brown Belt

       Aggeliki Psychogiou - 3rd Brown Belt

       Philippos Papaharalambos - 3rd Brown Belt

       Dimitris Mpournas - Green Belt

       Dimitris Diamantakis - Blue Belt

       Stamatis Sarris - Yellow Belt


Note: We will continue to announce all promotions in the AKLA and Elite-Fighters in this announcement section. Previously, we had a special promotions chart. However, it had become unmanageable. We will maintain a Black Belt promotions chart, but all underbelt promotions will be announced in this section.

 The Elite-Fighters Kickboxing Course and the Grappling Course has begun in Louisville, KY. We believe this training is the best curriculum designed for kickboxing. We hope you join soon!