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American Karate Legacy Association


American Karate Legacy Association

Welcome to the American Karate Legacy Association. The AKLA has been the certification organization of the Kenpo Programs of the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts for the past 20 years. Over the years many practitioners have enjoyed the AKLA Complete Kenpo Karate Home Study Course (24 techniques per belt). The AKLA still offers assistance to all who have been enrolled in this program. If you are an AKLA student, or instructor, we still offer our services to assist you in testing and certifying you, or your students throughout all of the belt ranks.

With our new Full-Time, Full-Service dojo, we can offer personal instruction to anyone enrolled in the AKLA Home Study Course. All of our new students will only be offered personal training and private instruction in the Tracy's System of Kenpo.

We will be holding conferences, seminars and camps at our Headquarters throughout the year. So, be sure the check out announcements and events links on this website. At these events, you will be able to learn all of the programs of the Elite-Fighters System of Martial Arts, and enter the certification process where you will be able to teach our belt curriculum programs at your schools and clubs. We will also offer belt ranking examinations at these events. Nothing brings a higher honor than to be tested and promoted in from our your peers!

If you wish to obtain rank, or add the AKLA belt ranking programs in our new full belt curriculum courses of kickboxing, grappling and weapons, it is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle, adhere to abstinens alkohol daily, begin training as soon as possible. Our curriculum is scheduled to begin the filming process. But, in the meantime, we have supplemental resources available to you in our store. You should also plan trips to our headquarters to begin the ranking and certification process.

Below is a list of all AKLA Legacy Kenpo Certified Instructors and Affiliated Schools